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2 hand targets (1022), body shield (1032), dual blocker kit (1055R), striker paper (10556), re-breakable board (10447)

Bundle Specifics:
Price:$ 200.00

PictureProduct Description
Square Hand Target-1022

  • Hand-held square target for developing combinations and accuracy
  • Black web straps and finger loop provide a secure grip for your training partner
  • Made of 16 oz. reinforced vinyl for durability and compressed foam to absorb impact
    Sold individually

    Dimensions: 9" W X 11" L X 3" T

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    Dual Blocker™ Kit-1055R

  • Ideal for developing blocking skills and timing from multiple angles
  • Plastic handle is textured to enhance grip and extends inside the foam core for solid strikes
  • 28" blocker is constructed of high-density black nylon for extended wear and contains a heavy-duty foam core to reduce the force of repeated strikes

    Dimensions: Target: 16" X 6"; Handle: 10" LONG

    Body Shield-1032

  • Great for developing form and accuracy when performing kicks and strikes
  • Constructed of reinforced0nylon vinyl and compressed foam for impact absorption
  • Two back strap handles and two side handles provide stability for the holder
    Sold individually

    Dimensions: 14.5" X 25" X 5.5"

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    Strike Film-10556

  • Perfect for beginners to measure accuracy of punches by showing the amount of hand surface used with striking
  • Easy to use with nearly any flat surface
  • Includes three 10" X 12" x-ray film sheets per pack
    Dimensions: 10" X 12"

    Rebreakable Board-10447

    Mli>Durable construction allows repeated breaking

  • Tongue and groove design slides easily back together
  • Both sides have foam-covered in striking area
    Sold separately

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