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Some of our favorite items including approved gear options. See handout in Student Section for guidelines.

1451Single Mouthpiece

  • Great starter mouthpiece
  • Form fits in seconds
  • Easy to prepare


  • 1123Student Hi-Top Boots

  • Offers full coverage for your foot and ankle
  • Includes hook-and-loop closure on an elastic crisscross strep
  • Composed of 0.625” dipped foam

  • 11226P2 Boots

  • High top boots provide exceptional coverage
  • Reinforced bottom straps offer traction
  • Contoured design allows for better air flow for increased comfort
  • Adjustable hook-and-loop straps
  • Composed of 1/2" thick dipped foam

  • 11221P2 Premium Boot

  • Designed with ultra tough textured material for exceptional coverage
  • Crisscross bottom straps offer traction
  • Hook-and-loop closure for a secure fit
  • Composed of 5/8” dipped foam

  • 1153Student Gloves

  • Contoured to fit the hand with hook-and-loop closure straps
  • Composed of 0.625” dipped foam

  • 11526P2 Gloves

  • Advanced sparring glove is designed to contour to the hand for a superior fit
  • Reinforced at stress points
  • Dual-layer knuckle padding for extra coverage
  • Adjustable hook-and-loop wrist strap
  • Composed of 1/2” thick dipped

  • 11626P2 Chest Guard

  • Designed to give optimal coverage without sacrificing range of motion
  • Complete with two flexible hook-and-loop straps
  • 1/2” dipped foam construction with multiple flex chambers

  • 12115Foam Ball-Bearing Nunchaku

  • Designed to provide smooth rotation and a comfortable grip
  • Rounded wood core covered with shock resistant foam

    Colors: Blue, Black w/Gold Dragon, or Pink

  • 12118Foam Cord Nunchaku

  • Foam with 4-1/2 inch cord attachment

    Colors: Black with screened Dragon, Royal Blue, or Red
    Sizes: 8" or 12"

    Not available in Canada

  • 101Hand Carved Rattan Escrima

    Crafted in the Philippines, the birthplace of Escrima, 100% rattan weapons carry with them the heritage and tradition of the Filipino weapons based fighting system. These escrima sticks are designed to be extremely durable and long lasting making them

    12461Tapered White Wood Lotus Kanji Bo

    •Perfect for training and forms
    •Coated finish for smooth handling
    •Strong yet lightweight lotus white wood
    Color: Natural

    Available Lengths: 4-1/2', 5', 5-1/2', or 6'
    Diameter: 1" center to 1/2" ends

    12402Zigzag Chrome Toothpick Bo Staff

    •Zigzag chrome taped pattern
    •Durable wood construction
    Colors: Red or Black
    Lengths: 5' or 6'

    **Note: There is an additional shipping charge for this item.

    1270Deluxe Kama Case

    *Ideal for storing your weapons when not in use
    *Holds one pair of kamas with up to 18" handles and 7-1/2" blades
    *Elastic straps hold blades and an adjustable hook and loop strap to hold handles
    *Center dividing flap to prevent direct contac

    12753Zigzag Chrome Kama

    •Aerodynamic efficiency and speed control
    •Constructed of wood, chrome, and metal for maximum durability
    Sold in pairs
    Color: Red
    Available Length: 12"

    **Note: Due to state laws, we are not allowed to sell this i

    1333Rank Belt Keychain

  • Made from an actual rank belt
  • Grommeted with a heavy, metal key ring

    Solid Colors: Pink, White, Yellow, Gold, Orange, Green, Blue, Purple, Red, Brown, or Black
    Striped Colors: Yellow with Black Stripe

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